Dog daycare cape town southern suburbs

Dog daycare cape town southern suburbs

Dog daycare cape town southern suburbs

I was looking for information about doggy daycare cape town southern suburbs that has a swimming pool as well. I have 3 dogs and want to know what is the best place to look at.

I have looked on line and have seen some dog daycare places, but they all do swimming. I just need a pool. What do you think?


I have to say this because I see a lot of them:

There are several types of doggy daycare. I would like one that has a pool, as well.

This is the place that does NOT have a pool, but is really really clean and very nice.

I just found it.


I have a 3 month old puppy. I don't have a large house. I am looking for a doggy daycare/boarding facility that has a small dog room or small puppy room. My pup has a long coat and I need a place where I can keep him clean in an area that doesn't smell. I know I will have to clean up dog poop myself but I can clean it up every 2-3 days. I don't have the space to have a big dog room. My pup will be crate trned, but I want to have a place where he can play outside and get used to walking on a leash. I need a place that will have someone to take care of the dogs and they will come once a day to walk them, and will be around if the dogs have to pee or poop. I would love to have someone that will watch my pup and keep him away from other dogs when he has to go potty. I don't want a huge dog room, just a smaller dog room for my 3 month old pup. I would also love a small kitchen area. It would be nice if they had a pool or water fountn as well. I have searched and searched and this is the only place that has all of this. It doesn't even have a pool. But, I just found it, so I'm posting about it. They have a great facility.

Here is another, I'm sure there are more:

I know there are several doggy daycare and boarding places. I just can't find a place that has a pool, a kennel for dogs, a small room for puppies, a clean environment, a nice kitchen, AND, they will take care of dogs. I want to give them a home away from home.

Here is a couple that does NOT have a pool:


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