Cats rule cross stitch

Cats rule cross stitch

Cats rule cross stitch

Cats rule cross stitch is a cross stitch pattern popular in the United States. It was created in the 1990s by Sue Dennison. The pattern has been published as a magazine serial since 1998. The pattern is avlable in the "Cats Rule" publication.


The pattern was created in the 1990s by Sue Dennison, who worked in a veterinary hospital. As a result of this occupation, Dennison has had a great deal of experience with cats, kittens and cats with skin conditions. Dennison has published the pattern as a series of magazines, starting with Cats Rule. The first magazine was published in 1998 and has been published in serial form since then, with the magazine numbering corresponding to the date of the issue. The magazine is published by Dennison and distributed to retlers throughout the United States. The most recent edition was number 35 and was published in August 2011. The current serial version has been published in 11 issues. In 2007, the pattern was licensed to an art company for embroidery purposes. The company called it Cat &, Dot and began selling it online.


Cats Rule is a cross stitch pattern published in several magazines and by the company known as Cats Rule. The pattern, created by Sue Dennison, is very similar to a pattern created in Australia, called Cats Rule. The American pattern is a full-color, 12" x 12" design featuring a variety of breeds and breeds, some with distinctive markings or coats. The pattern comes with a booklet and all-purpose thread and needle. This pattern can be printed off from the web site of Cats Rule and mled.

Cats Rule magazine

Cats Rule magazine is the official magazine published by Cats Rule, with a target reader of 18-35. The magazine is published in serial format, with each issue numbering the same as the date. Issues number 1 through 14 were published in 1998 and continue the serial pattern with new designs each issue. The magazine is distributed to over 50,000 stores throughout the United States, and through subscription.



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